Saturday, February 23, 2008

Valentine's Play A Huge Success!

Sorry it took so long for me to post back. I just made sure that the pictures that I have for this post were ready.

Thanks to Shiela who lent me her USB flash device last night.

The play where we performed by the way was a rousing success! Thanks to a little PR and teamwork. I gotta hand it to Ichi who displayed wonderful leadership skills as well as TALENT! He's got skillz! His play was shown at the Ernesto Palanca Crisostomo Hall (Auditorium) at 3:00pm.

Before show time we were urged by Mr. Alvarez, head of the Campus Ministry to perform outside the auditoriumnear the study hall. The half hour performance really helped spark interest in the play and played a major part in drawing a huge crowd outside the doors of the auditorium.

A few days before the performance when we visited the crew I was a little doubtful and uneasy because their rehearsal performance leaves much to be desired. But my instincts told me that the lousier the rehearsal, the nearer the playdate the better the outcome. I know it defies logic but I've seen my share of well rehearsed talents not giving a satisfactory performance on the play date itself. I guess its because the guys who are not doing well on their TDR (technical dress rehearsal) will do whatever it takes to make it right. Kung baga, panindigan mo na because you have no other choice.

I also have the same observations with our performances as a choir. There were times I wanted to suggest to our group that we should not include a particular piece at an event because I still saw the need to perfect and polish it and behold during the event it was a stellar performance. Usually it was the crowd (discriminating or otherwise) who appreciated it and we the performers who either abhor or detest it. I don't know. It just sounds better when you're part of the audience. In this performance though we loved it so much that we hated our guts for not recording it.

Back to the play these guys did not have the luxury of a huge sequence guide posted backstage nor the help of production assistants who were supposed to make sure that the play ran smoothly. But boy everybody knew their places and they moved like clockwork. Who needs PA's and huge sequence guides when you have Ichi running the show? Not bad for a bunch of Nursing pencil-pushers.

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