Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Mesmerizing Day at the Noroña-Hinto Nuptials

Usually the Catholic Church discourages weddings during Lent and Christmas. However, I wonder what mysterious grace befell our amorous couple for having received such a privilege?

It is after all the month of love. Amor vincit omnia!

Joy originally asked for Harold and myself to sing at her wedding. However, we decided to pitch in the rest of the group as a BIG THANK YOU for all the memories at CFC-Singles for Christ. By the way, she used to sing for the SFC Choir and the music ministry and she has a fairly good alto voice mind you.

Eric meanwhile is Joy's erstwhile co-worker at Intel and badminton guru. A remarkable fellow indeed

They both had the jitters before the big day which is definitely normal. Most of the couples that I have known always tell me that the wedding ceremony is the easiest thing a couple can go through. The biggest challenge starts the day after.

I am pretty sure though, that with lots and lots of prayer and sacrifice they can both face whatever trials and tribulations that may come their way.


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